13 May 2017

Black Tie Event quilt block

Well I tried. I was going for a monochromatic quilt block but I just had to add a spark of colour. I'm a person who just adores colour everywhere, and as a result, it is difficult for me to stick to a single colour family in a quilt block. So, I just added a touch of colour -- my favourite colour -- to this block. I think it makes all the difference.

Black Tie Event quilt block image © Wendy Russell
Black Tie Event quilt block

I took some liberties with this block -- making slight changes to another block created by Michelle Bartholomew, which she called Doves in the Daylight. I removed a few seams, thereby reducing the bulk and added the red corner squares. Michelle's block was also based on another quilters' favourite called Doves in the Window. Can you see how quilt blocks evolve over time? You start with one block, make some subtle changes, and voilĂ  -- a new block is created. In this case, I have named it Black Tie Event.

I really had fun designing the quilts using this block. By introducing the sashing strips, I was once again able to include the tiny spots of red to brighten up the result. I think this colour combination lends itself to a special gift for the man in your life --  (at least that's my opinion). Your thoughts?

Black Tie Event quilt images © Wendy Russell
Black Tie Event sample quilts
All images © W. Russell, patchworksquare.com

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