11 Jun 2017

Grandmother's Choice quilt block

Earlier this week we looked at celebrating Dads with the Father's Choice quilt block. Today, it is all about Grandma.

Grandmother's Choice quilt block image © Wendy Russell
Grandmother's Choice quilt block

This is an easy five patch block. It uses half square triangles in two different sizes and that is the extent of the difficulty in this quilt block.

Although this block is technically a five patch (because it is designed on a 5 x 5 grid) it also falls into the category of uneven nine patch due to the size of the patches -- often covering two rows of that five row grid.

The two sample quilts illustrated both use on point settings of the block but give you different looking quilts in the end. The choices of block layout are endless and you just need to use your imagination. Enjoy!

Quilts designed using the Grandmother's Choice quilt block - images © Wendy Russell
Quilts designed using the Grandmother's Choice quilt block

Keeping it in the Family

~ Father's Choice
~ Mother's Choice
~ Sister's Choice
All images © W. Russell, patchworksquare.com

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